Stay Ahead of Product and Software News With SAP HotNews


SAP has made it possible for business users to stay on top of current product and software news using its HotNews service. The service is free and customizable, allowing users to subscribe to specific RSS feeds or industry news. Customization allows for a personalized news experience, with alerts and filters tailored to specific needs. This is a great way to stay abreast of product and software news. To learn more, visit the SAP Hotnews website.

SAP has developed a doctrine that focuses on the commercial value of news. This doctrine protects both live events and the news that is broadcasted worldwide. News only has commercial value during its time of occurrence, so if it is passed before it can be widely distributed, it loses its value. SAP has a number of examples to illustrate this point. Ultimately, this doctrine requires that news be used properly. There are some instances where breaking news may be illegal, but the best way to avoid breaking news is to use the original.

Romanian journalists founded Hotnews in 1999. The website initially served as a press review of Romanian media. In 2001, it started publishing investigative pieces, mainly about corruption cases. In 2005, the site was rebranded to Hotnews. The website now publishes news articles in Romanian, English, and Spanish. However, the original Hotnews team left the organization in March 2018 to start a new news website. The website has undergone an overhaul to better reflect the changes made in the site.